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I have no clue how to illustrate picture books, so I’m glad I’m not an illustrator. I also wouldn’t know the first thing about finding an illustrator for a picture book, if I were considering to self-publish one. Which I’m not. But if I were, I’d check out Dayne Sislen’s excellent website.

A while back, I interviewed Dayne about her day-to-day activities as a children’s book illustrator and loved reading her insights. Today I’m giving her a shout-out, because the latest book she illustrated looks and sounds simply adorable.

The time it takes me to illustrate a complete 32 page picture book usually takes between 3 months and 6 months. This includes reading the book, creating characters, research for costumes and background, doing pencil roughs for each page for discussion with author, doing the finished illustrations, coloring the illustrations and also laying out the pages with custom type in place. I can also design and illustrate your cover with custom type. I can also work directly with your printer to make sure you get the best possible printed book.

Source: Dayne Sislen Illustration | I can bring your characters and stories to life

I would then suggest you visit SCBWI’s (The Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) illustrator’s Gallery, you can find me listed under my name Dayne Sislen or do a search for illustrators in your city or state.

And if you like the look of “There’s a Mouse on My Head!” head over to the book’s author Donna Warwick’s webpage, where you can find coloring pages, games and activities.

Happy reading!

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    1. True, when illustrating a self-published book, someone must do the design and art direction and package the book for printing. My first career was in graphic design and art direction, but I still enjoy working with a talented art director with a lot of experience in children’s books. An art director can help an illustrator expand on their ideas to better illustrate the story and coordinate the design and layout.

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