Read on Netgalley — Brink's Unfortunate Escape from Hell

The book release of Brink’s Unfortunate Escape from Hell is only a few weeks away! Hurray! It’s the PREQUEL to my middle grade Skycastle series. And you can read the Advance Reading Copy on Netgalley.

Make no mistake, the Underworld is not a cheerful place. Brinkloven Crowley the Third is a Prince of Hell and he does NOT like living among his kind. He searches tirelessly for a way to escape. Then an escape finds HIM, and it is most unfortunate…

I’m not finished with the Skycastle series. I’ll be writing two more books until the series wraps up.

But I’ve had a reader or two ask me how it came to be that demonic Brink ended up with Jack in the first place… So obviously, I had to write how Brink escaped the Underworld! It’s quite a tale and distinctly different to the Skycastle series–it’s told from Brink’s point of view.

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By having the book up on Netgalley I’m hoping to reach more readers and reviewers for Brink’s adventure–he deserves to have his story read! 🙂

Happy Monday!

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