Picture Book Pass it On #PBPiO

November is Picture Book Month and children’s book author Michelle R. Eastman has started an initiative called, Picture Book Pass it On (#PBPiO). Why the initiative you ask?

To celebrate the power of the picture book!PBMBADGE-AMBASSADOR-FB

Michelle has challenged me to 3 CALLS TO ACTION that I will happily and gladly answer! And here’s how:

#1 Post a “shout-out” to celebrate your favorite picture book.  It can be anything from posting a selfie of you and your fave picture book kickin’ it, to tweeting a line from one of your favorite characters or scenes, or post a picture or video of you reading a favorite picture book with a child, pet, or loved one.   Or blog about a favorite picture book memory from your childhood.

#2 Pledge to donate a copy of your favorite picture book to a local children’s charity or cause (battered women’s shelter, prison waiting room where children wait to visit an incarcerated parent, a struggling school, etc.)

#3 Pass it on.  Help spread the word about Picture Book Pass it On (#PBPiO). Encourage others to accept the 3 calls to action, and pass it on

And here’s my answer:

#1  One of my favorite picture books is Room on the Broom and I blogged about the picture book here. Later today, I will tweet the following line from the book: “How the cat purred and how the witch grinned, As they sat on their broomstick and flew through the wind.” #PBPiO

#2  A copy of Room on the Broom will be donated to Piccolo’s Books. This is a local bookstore of mine and truly fantastic; they offer only used books. Every book in the store is $1–to help families buy books on a budget. They constantly donate children’s books to assure education is free and recently donated over 200,000 children’s books to builds libraries, help schools and orphanages in Jamaica, Ghana and Ethopia.

#3  It’s on! I will Pass On the 3 Calls to Action –and I hope she’ll accept! pretty please — to @sylvafae from Sylvanian Ramblings.

Thank you, Michelle, for your 3 Calls to Action–this was FUN! #PBPiO

Happy Picture Book Month, everyone!


7 thoughts on “Picture Book Pass it On #PBPiO

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    What a great idea. I think I’ll do the same on my blog later today.

  2. Andy-How wonderful this is! Thanks for loving kids’ books and for passing it on! Piccolo’s sounds like an incredible store. It’s fun to wonder whose lap Room on a Broom will land on from there. Ooo…perhaps I just found a new picture book idea! Ha! Thanks so much for your help with #PBPiO. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here! For now, I’m happy to have you joining me on this sisterhood of the traveling picture books. Ooo…I think I just found my next blog post caption!


  3. [* WordPress Simple Firewall plugin marked this comment as “spam” because: Human SPAM filter found “this blog” in “comment_content”. *]
    I admire these original and solidary ideas you have, Andy. Following this blog’s all a pleasure, and its fishy design too!

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