New Release! Mermaid Trouble, a YA Urban Fantasy

Release day for the first book in my Fairy Tales Hunters Series: Mermaid Trouble!

Mermaid Trouble (Fairy Tales Hunters Book 1)

My name is Lana Ingram, and I can tell when people are lying. It got me kicked out of high-school, go figure. My mom’s kinda weird, my sister social-media famous and my boyfriend is the best. Then Kellen shows up—tall, dark, way too handsome, carries weapons—and my life takes a fairy tales turn…

Mermaid Trouble is the first in a series of Young Adult Urban Fantasy novellas. Set in a beach town in Southern California, the book is a light-hearted, fun read. After writing Ice Girl, which is a much more intense read and told from four different viewpoints, Mermaid Trouble was a change of pace. The story is told from Lana’s point of view, and I loved being in her head. I’m in the middle of writing the second in the series and have as much fun with it as I did writing the first. Hopefully this is reflected in Mermaid Trouble 🙂

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