Giveaway for Kindle edition of Fire Girl

(Updated to announce winners, see end of post.) Giveaway for Kindle edition of Fire Girl–just leave a comment! Since I still have 3 download codes ( only, sorry!) for a Kindle edition of Fire Girl just ‘lying’ around, I’m giving them away to readers who like to read Young Adult fiction with a good dose of urban fantasy & romance! Giveaway runs until June 7.

Please leave me a comment indicating that you’d like to read Fire Girl! If more than three readers are interested in receiving the free download, it’s going to be luck of the draw. 🙂

Speaking of giveaways…I figured I could announce this giveaway on Facebook and was immediately overwhelmed by all the rules and regulations. Apparently, it’s more than likely that you break their rules by using FB for a giveaway?

Anyhow, I’m confused by Facebook’s rules, but there’s worse things to be confused about.

Giveaway over and I’ll be emailing a free download code to:

  • 2 readers who entered via FB direct message, since the giveaway was posted there too. Already contacted you guys.
  • and again big thanks for playing here on my blog to P.D. Pabst, ReilyG and Delaney Abrams! Emails with codes headed your way shortly!

That’s 5 free copies ’cause I actually had 5 download codes to give away! Hurray 🙂


Happy Hump-Day!







11 thoughts on “Giveaway for Kindle edition of Fire Girl

  1. Thanks again Andy! I truly can’t wait to crack this baby open, er swipe–lest I damage my kindle screen:-) Witches and shapeshifting werewolves? Yessssss! And congrats to the other winners.

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