Q&A with Jody Mabry! Author of Middle Grade Fiction

Please welcome Jody Mabry today! Jody is an author of middle grade fiction, and I’m thrilled to be sharing his latest release here on my blog.

If you’re feeling adventurous, The Treasure at Devil’s Hole is a story with a lot of heart and imaginative authenticity…read the author’s note at the end!

The Treasure at Devil’s Hole

Francis “Bug” Mosser is obsessed with treasure, more specifically obsessed with the Sikeston Gang’s buried loot, hidden in a cavern somewhere in Possum Trot, Arkansas. And, Bug knows where it is…well kinda.

Join Bug and his friends as they slip away from gangsters, riddling bullets, a mysterious bald stranger, and bullies to seek out millions in hidden loot.

Jody was kind enough to answer some of my nosy questions aka My Author Q&A:

Please tell us a bit about yourself:
Jody: I am a full time writer who splits my time between Minneapolis, MN and San Francisco, CA. I love writing, and spend about 50 or more hours a week doing it. Whether I’m ghostwriting, editing, working on blogs and articles, or writing my own books I am truly passionate about what I do.

I have three children, two boys and a girl, spend my time playing with the kids, hitting balls around the tennis court, and attempting to cook meals my family will not spit out.

Please recommend a children’s book for me to read:
Jody: This is easy, although it is a series of books. The Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander is what first attracted me to writing. I love the adventure and romance of the book, taking me to a fantasy world laden in Irish lore. I just love it, and to this day read the series at least once a year, and I still have a crush on the Princess Eilonwy.

What is your favorite dessert?
Jody: I’ll take from my Italian side and say Tiramisu, for my southern side I say Pecan Pie with vanilla ice cream.

If you were an animal, what would you be?
Jody: An eagle, so I can soar high, be majestic, and travel anywhere I’d like.

What does your writing process look like?
Jody: I like this topic, as I often reflect on how to get more writing in. I write every day in about three sessions. Except for the afternoon session on the weekend, I am pretty strict to my schedule 7 days a week.

6:00 AM to 8:30 AM: Answer emails, quote potential writing projects, social media, and write.

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM: Write

9:30 PM to 12:00 AM: Write.

I mix up my writing between my own writing, blogs, articles, and freelance work. In between the writing time, I hang out with the family, and occasionally knock a few tennis balls around the court.

Do you have any strange writing habits?
Jody:­ I write with a fedora, for no other reason than separating Jody Mabry­dad, and Jody Mabry-writer.

­My favorite place to write is my 1920’s typewriter desk that was used by at least 3 writers before me. It makes me feel as if Fitzgerald and Hemingway are looking over my shoulder. Seriously, it’s eerie.

­My home has three writing spots: My office (which is awesome), a living room desk, and a small library loft upstairs. I need them to manage writing when my daughter is awake, napping, and when I want to watch the tennis channel and write during the same time.

­My morning coffee needs to be dashed with cinnamon in the grounds, with Italian Crème creamer, and drank from a mug made of copper.­ I eat pizza rolls and sour cream when I write at night.

What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?
Jody: You may have heard this before: Write! I think all writers and aspiring writers have wished there was a genie who could nod their head and make magic slide from your fingertips. And if you wait to write until you are inspired you may never write anything. The fact is that the genie is not coming. You will have hard days, and you will have good days. As long as you are putting words on paper, or your computer, you will grow as a writer. As miserable as rewriting and editing is, you can always go back and rewrite those bad days. You can never fix the days where you did nothing.

Don’t worry about those bad days of writing. I firmly believe that if you set yourself a writing goal, whether words or pages, and stick to it, you will find success. Goals can be as much as 5,000 words a day, or as few as 200 words a day. The important thing is to not stop.

What are you working on now?
I am completing the final two books of the Bug Mosser trilogy, “Strange Circus” and The Devil’s Treasure.” Both coming out in 2016. I also have four other middle grade books in various degrees of completion.

I’ll give away two Kindle copies of The Treasure at Devil’s Hole for the first two people who contact me at Jodymabry.com and mention you found me at Something Smells Fishy.

Jody, I admire the tenacity in your writing schedule. And I have to say, I love the entire ‘wearing a fedora’ thing while writing! Might have to steal that one 🙂

Check out Jody’s author website or his book website. Thank you, Jody, for being a guest on my blog today!

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  1. Thanks Jody, I love your quote: “As miserable as rewriting and editing is, you can always go back and rewrite those bad days. You can never fix the days where you did nothing”.

    I also am fascinated by the idea of writing in a fedora. I just bought one and my husband hates it on me.

    Thanks Andy for the great interview.

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        Hi Andy, thank you for the post!

        Dayne, it took me a long time-too long-to realize that a bad page is worse than no page. I think the fedora makes me feel cool or something, like I’m a hipster or beatnik; both of which I sadly say, I am not.

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